We share the extraordinary journey that is 15 Palms since 1999

Koh Chang History

Koh Chang translates as ‘Elephant Island’ as the islands sit in the sea like a sleeping elephant. Don’t forget to look out for this view as you travel from the mainland. Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand. Thankfully, due to its beautiful mountains and rainforest conservation, it has not developed at the same pace as other islands in Thailand. As a result, the island uniquely retains much of the authentic Thai experience in its natural beauty.

In 1982 the island and 46 smaller islands became protected as the Koh Chang Marine National Park. However, it was not until 1998 that the local council built a paved road, bringing electricity and phone lines to this paradise isle. The island’s development has continued, but the original beauty has remained intact due to the ongoing preservation of the lush rainforests and mountains of the interior. Excellent road connections from Bangkok, and flights to Trat airport, have allowed the island to begin to get the attention it deserves. The many stunning beaches on the western coast continually attract tourists from all over the globe. In addition, Koh Chang has spectacular waterfalls where you can swim, relax and enjoy the splendour of the breathtaking natural surroundings of our island.

The largest of the mountains on Koh Chang is Salek Phet, which stands 744 meters. The island’s thick rainforest is home to many diverse species, including macaque monkeys, barking deer and wild pigs. Elephant riding is an enjoyable and popular excursion, especially when it’s their bath time – prepare to get wet!!

The picturesque east coast is much less developed and still holds many remarkable characteristics typical of authentic Thai living. Many locals still fish, farm and enjoy life as they have done through the generations and are happy to be able to share the beauty of Koh Chang with visitors.

There are so many activities available on Koh Chang, including diving, trekking, sailing, and cooking courses. Many luxurious spas and saunas on the island suit all tastes and pockets.

15 Palms History


Opened 2nd December


15 Palms backpacker-style bamboo bungalows built


15 Palms bungalows replaced with two storeys hotel-style accommodation and two shops


10th Anniversary.


Our stylish coffee shop overlooking the beach opened


15th Anniversary.


Eight luxurious rooms, a swimming pool & restaurant terrace open


20th Anniversary.